Respectful Silence

In many parish churches these days, it is considered acceptable to carry on conversations in church before or after Mass, or to make occasional comments to one's neighbors during the course of the service.
At St. Pius V Shrine, however, We request that you follow the custom of maintaining silence in the church before, during and after Mass. It is a sign of reverence in the presence of God and demonstrates your spirit of consideration toward those who wish to pray in silence.
To prevent any disturbance, please turn off your cell phone before entering the Shrine.
Children are always welcome at Mass. If, however, a child begins to fuss or cry, we ask that you take the child to the cry room located off the vestibule. There the Mass can be observed and heard by the parent without the child disturbing others.

Dress Code

Dress Code Since the changes in the Church, few parishes these days have a dress code. Summertime dress can be particularly problematic. At St. Pius V Shrine, however, we still believe that modest and appropriate attire at Mass is a sign of respect for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and of fraternal charity toward our neighbor. Please observe the following rules: WOMEN AND GIRLS: Out of respect for the Blessed Sacrament, we ask that women and girls cover their heads with either a hat or chapel veil. (Chapel veils may be borrowed from the table next to the church door or may be purchased downstairs in the book store.) Modest dress is required. Short skirts or dresses that are above the knees, revealing blouses (such as low cut, sleeveless or see-through), and slacks or shorts of any length do not meet the traditional norms of Christian modesty. Should your situation require you to wear pants, please speak to the priest. MEN AND BOYS: Men and boys must wear neat trousers and dress shirts (either long or short sleeves). A suit, sport coat or dress sweater and tie are optional. Closed shoes must be worn (i.e. sandals and flip flops are inappropriate). Shorts, immodestly open shirts, T-shirts and other such casual dress are inappropriate and do not meet the traditional standards for attending Holy Mass. The only exception to not wearing casual clothing is if you are immediately coming from or going to work and your work requires you to dress in such a manner. However, immodest work clothing is still inappropriate. Please be advised that Father reserves the right to refuse Holy Communion to anyone who, in his prudent judgment, is not dressed appropriately.